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Positive Changes Planned

For 2014 - 2015

We have exciting news to share with you regarding our plans for the 2014-2015 school year!

Schedules for students in middle and high school will be  6 one hour periods; and with the realignment of staff resources, schedules allow room for elective courses.  Qualifying students in grade 11 will have the awesome opportunity to earn college credit or certification in certain programs by attending the Van Buren Technology Center for part of their academic day.  

An  all-day  Virtual  Lab will  be  an  addition  that  will specifically allow high school students to gain credits needed for graduation.  The Virtual Lab will offer a variety of courses to choose from for enrichment purposes and the opportunity to take advanced courses. This program is open to all students who can benefit  from such a unique schedule.

A physical education teacher will also be added to our staff allowing physical education electives for students in grades  4th  through  12th. Students  in  grades  kindergarten  through  3rd grade  will also have the benefit of attending art, physical education, music and exploratory activities.

Further enrichment opportunities will be available for our students in grades kindergarten through 12th  grade  with  our After-School  Program.  The  program  has  now  been  extended to  4-days  per  week; Monday through Thursday, offering a better opportunity to develop those inherent abilities of our students in art, drama, culinary arts, sports and much more. 

To  better  serve  the  needs  of  parents,  guests,  customers  and  our  community,  plans  are  being formulated to have just one main entrance, which will be staffed to meet the needs of the entire district more  efficiently. I  encourage  you  to  explore  our  District’s  website and review the information we have provided for your convenience. I would be happy to sit down face to face with you and discuss our exciting future plans. Please feel free to call (269) 764-3701 and schedule a meeting. 

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Summer!

Dr. Bobbi Morehead


Vision Statement:

Covert Public Schools empowers diverse students to achieve, innovate and lead in our global community.

Mission Statement:

Covert Public Schools is a community minded organization dedicated to students constructing knowledge that has value beyond the classroom.  
We will:

  • Utilize research-based strategies and authentic assessments in a relevant standards-based curriculum.
  • Create safe and supportive environments that nurture all students to become innovators and problem solvers.
  • Use local resources to develop students who use practical skills, scientific knowledge and entrepreneurship to meet global challenges.

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